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Help Me Have a Happy Birthday


Okay, here’s the plan. My birthday is on Sunday. We’re going to get
Yankeeology on this list for next week. Right now I’m holding a Choose
Your Own Blogventure
. I want to know what you would like me to write
about. I’ll also be covering the LET THE GAMES AND BLOGS BEGIN topic.

So far the only response to my open casting for ideas was a pair of requests
to know about my pro wrestling days. I’m trying to figure out how to
craft that into a baseball story, and I have a few leads. But I need
more blog entry ideas. I don’t want to spit the same stats and
predictions that everyone else is.

I like to be a little different.

let me know what you’ve got! I don’t care how bizarre, wacky, or ordinary (which is wacky in of itself) the ideas may be.

If I don’t get any ideas or suggestions, I’ll end up posting clips of Gonzo shooting himself from a cannon. You don’t want THAT do you? (Well, maybe you do. It would make ME visit the page at least.)